Call of the Hunt 2
by Coach John Davies

With the last installment of “The Call of the Hunt”, we began to discuss the “pathway to greatness” that an athlete is to follow to achieve their goals. The Renegade approach to training is a daunting task to follow with many trials but if followed it can reap tremendous results. Yet while most naturally first consider exercise selection / training model as the sole answer to achieve maximal results it brings up a larger issue concerning general complete and total body health. Therefore we need to look beyond these confines and consider every element that will impact upon performance, preparation and thus lifestyle.

As I begin work with elite level athlete one area that is quite possibly the most overlooked concerns is diet. Yet while we can plan and implement the best of training programs without applying a proper diet plan training results will never reach there full potential. And while diet issues are a major piece of the puzzle to an athletes development this concern echoes the rest of society. Diet and eating habits has become the double-edged sword of our society – a vertible loaded gun that can kill or conversely kick-start your development / heath. For most of our society, diet has become that crushing blow – a suicidal tendency that is out of control downward spiral. Diet has “evolved” in this country to all-too-often a drive through window, pre-packaged meals and caloric laden soft drinks. It is difficult to say where blame should be laid – groceries stores are dominated with less than healthy options and what once (many years ago) were considered the staple of a diet, fresh meats and vegetables are now becoming a rarity.

Incredibly this generation spends the most in history on fitness and health and yet suffer as one of the most unhealthy populus. Weight management has become the governing mandate for a society trapped in a downward spiraling level of health and obesity. The facts are terrifying as reported by our nations Surgeon General, as now over 60% of our adult population (19+) is considered obese, with roughly 13% of children over the 6 years old in that group as well. Studies have also concluded that there exists no bias on gender or ethnic background, so basically this beast of obesity is hitting home equally across the country. The impact of obesity is far reaching. From one standpoint over 300,000 deaths are attitributed each year as well causing an economic impact of over $117 billion cost on the American economy in 2001. So while some will debate the categorization of what is obese and if it actually relates to them – but the point is made. This is about being “ripped” but instead being able to enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle. Combined with horrendous eating habits and a rapidly increasing sedentary lifestyle our nation is eating itself to death.

Now with that being said, much of my clients have adopted my approach to diet along with training protocols and in effect used it as a weapon to attack their goals. Again while this is typically within the sporting forum to not only catapulted their athletic prowess but quite possibly more importantly, made radical improvements in that will help them live a long and healthy life long after their career ends. Hmm, the bounty of a healthy life can be had through a series of simple choices of the food basket - seems like the only logical step is the Renegade approach to diet…

In faith,
Coach Davies